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Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening - laser Resurfacing of Wrinkles and Scars

  Laser Resurfacing of Wrinkles and Scars

    The best method to treat wrinkles is with highly sophisticated lasers. Lasers used for resurfacing target water, which constitutes ~ 75% of the skin, thus vaporizing skin with each pass of the laser beam. The laser gives unprecedented control over the process, gently and precisely removing the unwanted surface layers of the skin cells. Dr. Touma has experience in treating numerous patients and has the skill and the latest technology that allows the best possible results with a minimal recovery period.

The Pearl laser procedure combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to treat aging and sun-damaged skin. Pearl reduces wrinkles, uneven texture and sun damage with faster recovery than medium-depth chemical peels to provide a healthy, pearl-like glow. During the procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed with pulses of light in a pre-selected pattern. The laser simultaneously sends heat to the deeper layers of the skin to provide long-term remodeling of collagen and tightening. A natural protective dressing forms on the skin to minimize down-time during the restorative process. On day 3 or 4, this natural dressing will peel off, revealing new healthy, vibrant skin underneath. Make-up may be applied at this time. In a short time, patients notice overall skin clarity, smoothness and softness - all from a 15 minute treatment with only 3-4 days of social downtime.  With social downtime patients can continue normal daily activities. However, they may not wish to attend important social events because the skin will appear pink/red for 3-4 days.

The Pearl Fractional laser goes a lot deeper, and ablates columns of skin, leaving skin in-between those columns intact, therefore leading to dramatic results and a very low risk of complications and rapid healing rimes. It is uniquely effective in treating acne scars, crows feet (lines around the eyes) and lines and wrinkles around the mouth. These areas often show the first signs of aging and can be most challenging to treat.  This procedure requires a few more days of recovery because of the greater depth of penetration.

While the Pearl laser may be used alone to freshen and tighten the skin of the face, neck, dcollet, arms and hands, the Pearl Fractional is used in combination with the superficial Pearl laser to achieve superior benefits and blending of the overall results.

Some patient may require two treatments spaced approximately one month apart to achieve the desired results. Other patients may need only one treatment.

Patients may choose to have the Pearl treatment combined with other procedures such as laser genesis (to further improve skin texture and reduce facial redness and capillaries), Thermage (to achieve deeper skin tightening), fillers (to restore facial fullness,) and botox (in hyper-dynamic areas such as around the eyes and forehead).

The Pearl laser offers the most effective treatment to address fine lines, uneven texture and discoloration without the wound care and the lengthy downtime required with certain Erbium and CO2 laser procedures. Compared to todays technologies, the Pearl laser offers remarkable results in just one treatment versus 4-6 of the old fractionated treatments. It is highly suited to people of Mediterranean skin, and has a very low risk of hyper-pigmentation.

Before and 3 months after laser resurfacing (Dany Touma, M.D.)

  Which wrinkles and scars can be treated with the laser?

     The laser is used like an artist's brush, tailoring the skin remodeling procedure to your individual needs. Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can be smoothed. Acne scars and other surgical scars can be minimized. The surface of the skin is usually totally rejuvenated and new collagen buildup adds to a younger look and feel to your skin. The process of skin tightening continues for up to 18 months.
Patients with large pores see significant improvement of their skin after resurfacing .

Before and after 3 months of laser resurfacing. Note sking tightening (Dany Touma, M.D.)

  What is fractional laser?

    Fractional laser resurfacing is about using the laser beam in a uniform pattern to ablate only columns of skin, like water coming down of a shower, sparing islands of skin in between. This allows for more penetration, ablation and tightening of skin, while reducing healing time and risk.
Dr Touma combines fractional and non-fractional lasers including the PEARL from CUTERA to obtain the best possible and safest results.

  Is resurfacing for You?

    We will take your medical history and age, examine your skin type (including pigmentation), healing ability and desired results into consideration to determine whether you are a good candidate. Laser resurfacing is usually reserved for patients with moderate to severe damage not amenable to treatment with less invasive procedures such as chemical peels. Also, an ability to carefully follow instructions before and after the treatment is essential to be a candidate for resurfacing.

  Should certain precautions be taken after a resurfacing treatment with laser?

    After the procedure, it is essential to carefully follow our instructions to get optimal results. Skin preparation, antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals are prescribed prior to the procedure.

  What about the delicate areas of the skin?


The resurfacing laser can rejuvenate and lighten areas around the lips and around the eyes, in addition to other areas of the face. Depending on the type and depth of the wrinkles, or scars, one or more sessions may be necessary. Your skin will look and feel revitalized and transformed, the outward signs of age will be diminished.

 After the laser procedure, we will recommend an ointment to keep the healing areas moist and a dressing may be applied. The initial redness and swelling that follows the resurfacing treatment intensifies over the 4-5 days following the procedure. It fades in a few weeks to a light pink, which can easily be camouflaged with cosmetics and disappears completely within one to three months. It is important to use a sunscreen with at least SPF 45 protection against UVA and UVB rays, and to avoid direct sun exposure for several months, as this can cause changes in pigmentation. Some patients may experience transient spots or increased pigmentation, which usually resolve spontaneously. In most patients, a regimen of glycolic acid peels and retinoids is also recommended to help maintain results.

  Botox as an Adjunct to Laser Resurfacing

    In some patients, dynamic lines such as the forehead and around the eyes improve in a superior way and results last longer when Botox is injected into the underlying muscles immediately prior to and after the laser procedure. This allows for better tissue remodeling because of the relaxed muscles underneath.

  Good skin care is essential for healthy skin and durable rejuvenation


Dr Touma recommends regular use of sun protection and sunscreen. In addition using Vitamin C based products, exfoliants and anti-aging topicals at home will help ensure healthy and perfect skin.

Dr Touma's products of choice include LA PEAU, an exclusive Swiss high-tech cream based on skin culture enhancing media, CELLEX-C, the Canadian leader in topical anti-aging Vitamin C.

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