For Pain Control.. Just Breathe!
Many people breathe poorly, often holding their breath when undergoing a simple procedure such as an injection of Botox. By reacting in that way, it ‘hurts’ even before the needle is introduced, they move and resist, reducing the control of needle placement, and they flush, increasing blood circulation to the face and therefore the risk of bruising.

On the other hand, people who train themselves to continue to breathe calmly complete their procedures quickly and almost painlessly, and have a lot less bruising. Dr Touma and Rana Jabbour, founder of Contours, a Pilates and personal wellness studio for women, are organizing a complimentary seminar session to help you learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will enhance your wellbeing and improve your tolerance and the way you handle any stressful situation, not only your doctor’s appointment!

Contours, Weaver Center, 19 Clemenceau street, Kantari, Beirut 01-361520 or 03-843000 on Friday, May 6, 2011. Sessions at 4 PM, 5PM and 6 PM.

Booking is preferred but walk-ins are welcome.